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The new season of the Atlanta Housewives is about to heat up, we confirmed that Bravo will introduce" gay" rumors surrounding new Housewife Shamari Devoe's husband - New Edition star Ronnie Devoe.

The rumors, we're told, don't come from any substantive evidence at all. The rumors came from "observations" made by two of the Housewives - Marlo Hampton and Eva Marcelle.

We're told that in a scene, other Housewives - including Marlo and Eva - bring up Ronnie's mannerisms. During the scene, the two women make fun of Ronnie mannerisms - which they call "feminine." 

The two housewives also begin openly speculating whether the New Editor star - whose lived in Atlanta for years - is secretly gay. The "gay" speculation surrounding Ronnie continues as a plot line, throughout the remainder of the season, MTO News confirmed.

So is it true that Ronnie is gay? Most likely not, but it makes for a great storyline.

Here's Ronnie and Shamari, judge for yourself. Does he seem "gay" to you??