Romeo Miller Is Spotted Out On A DATE . . . With His NEW GIRLFRIEND!!!

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It appears that Romeo Miller has a new girlfriend. The paparazzi snapped some pics of Romeo and the pretty young lady going out to get Ice Cream in Calabassas, California.

The two seemed to be together romantically, but as soon as Romeo saw the cameras, he quickly tried to get away from view.

Romeo was known for dating almost EXCLUSIVELY White girls. 

But all that has changed a few years ago. Recently Romeo has been spotted with more and more Black girls - including Angela Simmons (whom he used to date).

Here is his new girl:


Romeo recently discussed in an interview how men are often afraid of powerful women even after vocalizing that is what they want in their lives. 

“I feel a lot of men nowadays, they say they want a strong woman and a powerful woman then when they come across them they are kind of afraid,” Miller said. “I got four little sisters. The way that men go out and they’re independent, so why shouldn’t a woman be that way? I just want more women to have that mind frame cause Beyonce said it best ‘Who run the world? Girls!’ We’re only here because of a woman.”

Beyonce has had quite an impact on the 28-year-old, as he went on to say that not only did her Coachella performance inspire him to jump back into music, but also that she did the performance ten times better than any man. “Seeing Beyonce perform at Coachella is probably the most inspired I’ve been in a long time,” Romeo said. “Even with music, I’ve been away from music for a while because a lot of people lost the art of it. And seeing Beyonce perform, it was so inspiring. To see such a powerful and strong woman do it ten times better than any man.”