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Roger Stone is making news again, this time for uttering a racist slur against Black radio host Mo'Kelly.

Roger appeared on the Mo’Kelly radio show, broadcast on Southern California’s KFI AM 640. And Mo'Kelly was giving the Trump supporter hell.

Mo'Kelly called out Roger on his problematic friendship with the president, and eventually Roger had enough.

Roger stopped talking to Mo'Kelly, and appeared to vent to someone else in the room with him.

“I don’t really feel like arguing with this Negro,” Stone was heard saying.

“I’m sorry, what was that?” Mo’Kelly immediately said back to Trump's racist friend.

“Roger? I’m sorry, what did you say?”

Stone then went silent for more than 40 seconds before claiming the phone line was going in and out.

Mo’Kelly asked Stone to repeat what he said, the word “Negro,” but Stone denied ever saying the word — which was nonetheless clearly audible on a taped version, at around the 12-minute mark of the 30-minute interview.