Rod Wave Warns PNB Rock Not To Travel To Florida

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Although PNB Rock is yet to address Rod Wave directly, Wave wants all of the smoke and is warning the rapper against traveling to Florida.

It seems he's upset about PNB calling rappers music "depressing" -- and he and his fans assumed that PNB was addressing him.

He says the rapper should think twice about traveling to Florida.

"We ain't sneak dissin'. If I feel a certain kind of way, n*gga, we gon' address it. N*gga, so put an address on that sh*t. Now you wanna talk 'bout it's pressure? Man, let me tell you something, man. I know you rap n*ggas love to come to Florida, n*gga, From Pensacola, n*gga, to Miami, n*gga. A n*gga will make this sh*t rough for you, n*gga. A n*gga will make this sh*t real rough for one of you n*ggas, bro. You trippin', bro. You gon' have to get with one of the opps or another rap n*gga, you feel me? Or the police and then you gon' have to pay $50,000, $60,000 in security every time you come, n*gga."

This turned serious very quickly.