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Rod Wave Responds To PNB Rock Calling Out Rappers: I'm On Yo' A*s!!

PNB Rock gave his opinion about rappers making "depressed" music and Rod Wave was not happy about it and took time to respond.

"All these lil n*ggas albums n tapes be sad asf lil like all these lil mfs depressed smh I can't listen to this sh*t make me wanna go kill myself listenin to Dese sad ass Lil boys lol," PNB wrote.

"And these the n*ggas y'all look up to smh. Lol like even when I was down to my last...down N Out...I was happier den dat I went out and got it never was sittin round feelin sad and depressed...That's for suckas new generation sh*t I guess."

Rod Wave first responded on Instagram Stories before uploading a video clip.

"Man, don't be letting all the shenanigans on the internet get this shit twisted. See, I don't say nothing back to the other people. You know, those are regular people. They be acting like fans and sh*t, tryna be funny. I don't really say sh*t, but you rap n*ggas? I ain't letting you f*ck n*ggas pass or get away with none of that sh*t. I'm on yo ass.

"A lot of n*ggas ain't connected to reality no more. That's why they can't make reality music. So, that's why they be making all that dancing, gay-ass, hop around, pop booty-shaking music...Keep me out that sh*t, man."