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Lenny Kravitz is finding a hard time finding love, according to his new interview with PEOPLE magazine.

“I would really like [to find love],” Kravitz, 54, told PEOPLE.

“But it’s difficult for me,” he explains, “being so dedicated to my art, which is not an excuse, it’s just difficult”. 

Kravitz was formerly married to Lisa Bonet and the pair share a daughter, Zoe Kravitz. 

We’re like brother and sister,” he says of Bonet. 

"After Lisa and I separated, we learned to find a new relationship. Then I met Jason when they got together and I love him, he loves my kid and I love their kids and we’re all one big family. It’s beautiful.” 

Before adding:

“I’m at a place now where I’ve been through so many relationships, and I haven’t been good at it all the time, at all. I’ve had a lot to learn, but I feel like I’m at a place where I’m really ready for that [...] things come to you when you’re ready, I believe.”