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Robyn Dixon from the Real Housewives of The Potomac revealed yesterday that a DNA test found that she's 59% White.

Despite the results Robyn still considers herself Black. According to Robyn, if you have a single drop of Black blood in your veins, that makes you Black.

She explained on Instagarm, "First let me clarify for those that don’t understand black culture, I never thought I was 100% black with zero European ancestry whatsoever."

She continued, "I always understood that everyone in my family descended from the evil white slavemasters that raped slaves for hundreds of years."

The Bravo Reality star added "In fact, most African Americans will have some percentage of European ancestry, whether its 5, 16, 28, or 59%, its almost inevitable".

But she doesn't seem upset about the revelation. Robyn continued, "So now that I know that I am 59% European, am I all of a sudden going to consider myself “mixed” or “biracial”??? HELL NO!!! I was raised in a proud black family and will always be a proud black woman!!!"

Here's the DNA results:


The Bravo blog recently profiled Robyn ahead of her 40th birthday recently. Here's what they wrote:

Robyn Dixon is entering her 40th year serving looks. Ahead of her birthday trip to the Bahamas, The Real Housewives of Potomac mama ditched her pixie cut for hip-grazing braids — and that was just the beginning. Robyn broke out another fabulous birthday getup this past weekend when she got together with Ashley Darby, Gizelle Bryant, Candiace Dillard, and Charrisse Jackson-Jordan for a glamorous dinner. 

The birthday queen got all dressed up in a sparkly, curve-hugging fuschia dress, which she paired with jeweled heels and hoop earrings. For her beauty look, Robyn returned to her blonde pixie cute and sported pink eyeshadow.