Whitney Houston's alleged lesbian lover, Robyn Crawford, has stated that Whitney Houston's death, in which she accidentally drowned in her bathtub after overdosing - was a shock because Whitney was such a great swimmer!

Robyn has been promoting her new memoir, A Song for You: My Life With Whitney Houston, and sat down with Jada Pinkett Smith for the upcoming Red Table Talk.

"When Whitney passed, I was flooded with emotions," she told Pinkett Smith. "I was angry. I never once believed that she would fall."

"Swimming is what she loved to do," Robyn added. "I mean, girl could swim. She loved the water. And that's why passing in the water just is so crazy, like hard for me to wrap my heart and head around."

Last year, Whitney's former husband, Bobby Brown, also expressed that he did not believe that drugs killed the star.

"I don't think (Whitney) died from drugs," Brown told Rolling Stone in an interview published in March 2018. "She was really working hard on herself to try to be a sober person."

Toxicology tests found cocaine, marijuana, the anti-anxiety drug Xanax, the muscle relaxant Flexeril and the allergy medicine Benadryl in Houston's body when she died.