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Robin Givens sat down with Andy Cohen on 'Watch What Happens Live' and revealed that Howard Stern does not have a small penis and even went as far as to call him a "magnificent lover."

“Are his comments about his small penis actually accurate, or are they just jokes? He famously — he talks constantly about that he has a small penis," host Any asked Robin.

“Howard Stern was a magnificent lover,” Givens gushed. 

“Like, unbelievable.” Stunned at Givens’ response, Cohen countered, “Really, an unbelievable lover?” he asked. “So it got that far? I mean, you two –”

“Oh, I thought that’s what we were talking about. Oops,” Givens replied before placing her hand over her mouth.

Andy then asked her how long the pair had dated, but she would not be specific.

“I’m not remembering anything right now. A little while. A while, yeah. We dated for a while," said Robin.

But Andy wanted the deets on Stern's junk: “I mean like, [Stern] and I have talked about this on the air. He says his penis is super, super small. Is that true?”

But Robin was adamant: “No, no. It was all good. It was all really good,” replied Givens.