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Robert DeNiro WINS Divorce w/ Black Ex-Wife . . . Gets Less Than 1/10th What She Asked!

Robert De Niro and ex-wife Grace Hightower's bitter divorce battle is over, and Robert won BIG TIME in the courts. MTO News learned that two years ago, Grace demanded half of his fortune after he filed for divorce, an estimated $100 million.


Well Grace lost. And this week a judge ruled De Niro does NOT have to give his ex-wife half the income generated during their 20 year marriage...

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Grace signed a 2004 prenuptial agreement with the 78-year old “Irishman” star, that she claimed separated all of Robert's money from before their marriage. But the prenup allegedly entitled her to half of any money earned during the marriage — and that everything would be split evenly.

The Appellate Division rejected Grace’s arguments upholding a lower court’s ruling from February.


“The husband’s income earned during the marriage and other business assets acquired during that time are his separate property,” reads the appellate court decision.

Grace will get some money, but less than 1/10th what she expected. She will receive $6 million toward the purchase of a new house and $1 million a year until she remarries or De Niro dies. 

A far cry from what she wanted but not a bad deal ya'll.....