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Hollywood actor Robert De Niro is still not a fan of President Donald Trump, and has stated that he wishes to see Trump hit in the face with a "bag of sh*t."

"It would kind of feel good to punch him — not hurt him — but just punch him in the face," podcast host Michael Moore told De Niro, who then replied. "I'd like to see a bag of sh*t right in his face. Hit him right in his face."

The Irishman actor continued, "Let the picture go all over the world. And that would be the most humiliating thing. Because he needs to be humiliated. He needs to be humiliated by whoever his political opponent is." De Niro then added, "I always say lowlife because he's a lowlife. He's not a pig. I used to call him a pig, but pigs have dignity. He has no dignity, no nothing. He's a disgrace to the human race if you will."

Y'all agree with De Niro, or was he a little too harsh?