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Robber Electrocuted In Brooklyn Subway . . . Tripped While Fleeing . . . Fell On 3rd Rail!!


An alleged armed robber was electrocuted in a Brooklyn subway this weekend. Police say that on Saturday at 7:41PM, a Black male wearing blue shirt and jeans attempted to grab a designer bag from a white female in her late 20's in Park Slope, Brooklyn before fleeing into underground northbound R train station on 4th avenue & 9th street. 

He was spooked — possibly by nearby cops — and ran, without the purse, into the corner subway station, where he dashed onto the tracks.

Police say that the alleged robber ran in the subway tunnel, trying to escape. He made it about 13 blocks when he likely tripped and was electrocuted by the third rail near the 4th avenue & Union street train station. 

When cops caught up with him, he was dead at the scene, police said.

“I don’t think he knew what he was about to get into,” one detective said, shrugging. “He gambled and he lost.”

Power was shut off at the Union Street station while the man’s body was recovered. The MTA provided shuttlebuses to take stranded travelers to the Atlantic Avenue station.

According to a police source, his body was laying across the tracks with his head toughing the third rail. The attempted robbery victim was at the scene where she described the ordeal to detectives. She left without a comment. 

The station remained closed into early Sunday morning hours, when the alleged robber's body was removed by Medics just past 1AM.