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Rob Kardashian LOST A LOT OF WEIGHT . . . Looking THIN AND TRIM . . . And So Chyna . .. SHOOTS HER SHOT!!!

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Chyna wants her BABY DADDY back – according to new reports.
Black Chyna and Rob Kardashian have been locked in a BITTER LEGAL BATTLE for months – but that soon may be over.

According to new reports, Chyna is reportedly trying to get back with Rob.

Yesterday was his birthday, and she sent him a “Hey Big Head” message on social media.

Rob taking Blac Chyna back cannot be a good thing. Chyna is currently dating an 18-year-old rapper and was recently put on blast for giving Raw Sremmurd member Swae Lee dome while he was in a relationship. Since breaking up with Rob, she has been linked to a slew of men, and she’s had two sex tapes drop already this year.

She’s not only suing Rob, but she’s also suing his sisters (and has recently added his baby sister and new mom Kylie Jenner) to the longstanding lawsuit. Her obsession with the Kardashian family is getting scary.

In their show, ‘Rob & Chyna’ -Chyna did not appear to be happy with Rob. She regularly cursed him out and humiliated him in front of the cameras and shortly after their messy breakup – she sent him videos of her in a bed with another dude!

Blac Chyna has never been low on funds. But since her breakup with him, nobody is really interested in anything she has to do. People only check for the drama. Rob and Chyna do not have any respect for each other. They need to leave well alone and focus on co-parenting baby Dream.

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