Rob KARDASHIAN Has Moved On From BLAC CHYNA . . . And His New Girlfriend . . . Is MORE RATCHET . . . And Has Even MORE FAKE BODY PARTS!!!


Here's what In Touch is reporting:

“Rob’s been seeing [reality star] Mehgan James for almost three months, and most of the Kardashians are very upset about it because Mehgan is known for being out of control and volatile. The Kardashians want Rob to find a woman who is kind and calm.”

So far, Mehgan has met [Rob's sister] Khloé Kardashian, 32, “but the rest of the Kardashians are refusing to meet her.”

Meghan has undergone MORE surgery that Chyna. In addition to haveing FAKE boobs and a FAKE butt - Meghan also had extensive FACIAL surgery - including a NOSE JOB.

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