Rob Kardashian Is Coming UNDER FIRE . . . Because He Is Comparing BLAC CHYNA's Unborn Child . . . To JESUS CHRIST!!!


Rob Kardashian is coming under fire, for comparing Blac Chyna to Jesus' mother Mary. He posted a pic which depicted Chyna as Mary on Instagram.

Almost immediately Christians came to ATTACK Rob, and he quickly deleted the image.

But before the image was deleted Chyna commented and put a laughing EMOJI on the post.

It's always hard to tell where this relationship is going with Rob and Chyna -- either heaven or hell. Just a few days ago we learned that Chyna and Rob had been fighting because Rob was texting another woman behind her back. And just days before that, we learned that Chyna is willing to let her former enemy Kris Jenner - Rob's little sister who is dating Chyna's first baby daddy Tyga - babysit her son and baby-to-be.