Rob Kardashian Alleges Blac Chyna Pulled Gun On Him During Argument!!

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Rob Kardashian, the baby daddy of Blac Chyna, is alleging that the reality television star once pulled a gun on him during an argument.

According to documents obtained by US Weekly, Rob says that he "feared for his life," when Chyna "pointed a gun at Rob's head and threatened to kill him" as he was FaceTiming.

The docs state that "Chyna came up behind Rob wrapped an iPhone charger tightly around his neck and started to strangle him using her full strength," that same day. 

He then says he ran to a bedroom and locked himself in, but Chyna managed to break it down before she "proceeded to use her fists and a metal rod to repeatedly strike."

"Chyna's erratic conduct under the influence of alcohol and drugs culminated in her physically assaulting and battering Rob and causing significant property damage," Kardashian's attorney wrote.

The incident reportedly took place in 2016.