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British singer Rita Ora was fondled by a very fresh fan as she left the BBC Radio 1 Studios in London. Rita wore a revealing crop top showing off some cleavage.

Rita walked by the fan - who reached out and grabbed both of her breasts. The pop singer was surprised by how FRESH the fan was, but she didn't stop walking.

After she passed the fan, Rita hopped into her car and took off. The fan was able to walk away - without any ramifications for the alleged attack.

Here's images from the alleged attack:


Ora speaks Albanian. Her mother is Catholic and her father is a nominal Muslim. When asked about her religion, Ora said that she does not consider herself religious, but "more of a spiritual person." Ora considers herself a feminist.

Her maternal grandfather, Osman Bajraktari, was the Albanian consul to Russia (then part of the Soviet Union). While her grandfather was a diplomat there, Ora's mother, Vera, studied medicine at Moscow Medical Academy. Ora's paternal grandfather, Besim Sahatçiu, was a film and theatre director.

"My parents brought us [my older sister and I] to this country with the hope and the dream that we could get a decent education, which is so important for our aspirations and for what we want to achieve in our lives. I grew up in Britain, a country that has given me so much for which I am grateful, but I will always have a special place in my heart for my home town and Kosovo."