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Rapper Melli is fast becoming a household name but before the fame, she revealed that she used to get bullied for the way that she looks.

Speaking to BET as she promoted her recent promote her new project phAses where she opened up about her experience of being bullied for her looks:

"I would get bullied on my looks and stuff like that. I used to cry about it and feel insecure, but I learned to stick up for myself and not let it get to me. There was this one time I had to run after one of my friends. I found her in the bathroom on the sink trying to suffocate herself with a bag. Knowing that I could talk her out of that, being a person who was also dealing with the same thing at one point," she revealed to BET.

"I used to hide my face. I used to wear turtlenecks and I would put my hair in front of my face to hide it. There were a lot of things I had to grow out of, and knowing that I could help her and her confidence that day… That’s what I was talking about the studio and what I was saying on “Pretty Girl," she said explaining a track on her new album.

She also says that she's done addressing the recent Meek Mill drama. It was initially thought that she would sign with Meek after collaborating on his album, but she instead chose to sign with Tory Lanez.

"I can’t say nothing. I don’t want no more of that anymore. I just want to focus on phAses. I will say this: I feel speaking can add the wrong information or give the wrong idea to people that are not involved."

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