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Rikers Island prison staff are currently awaiting the arrival of Harvey Weinstein, who was recently convicted of rape -- and according to staff members, Weinstein will not be getting any special treatment upon his arrival.

"Weinstein's the talk of Rikers — the guards say he won't get any special treatment from them. They can't wait to see him in there, to be honest. He's in for a shock," one jail staffer reportedly told Page Six.

And if Weinstein is hoping to hide out in the facility's medical wing, he should maybe reconsider:

"You don't want to be there — all it is is people screaming and piss and s–t being thrown around," the source continued, adding that, "The more money you have, the more you'll end up in a cushy jail, so I don't think Harvey will stay too long at Rikers."

Which means he will most likely be getting some special treatment then...