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Rihanna's Team Claims Star's Bruised Face Is Down To E-Scooter Incident

Fans of Rihanna's were shocked after seeing her step out with a bruised face -- but her team says RiRi got into an accident on an electric scooter.

"Rihanna is completely fine now but flipped over on an electric scooter last week and bruised her forehead and face," a spokesperson told People. "Luckily there were no major injuries and she is healing quickly."

Just last month, America's Got Talent judge, Simon Cowell, was treated after getting into an electric scooter-related incident.


Cowell has broken his back while testing out a new electric bicycle and was forced to undergo emergency surgery.

"Simon had a fall from his bike on Saturday afternoon whilst testing his new electric bike in the courtyard at his house in Malibu with his family," the rep told the publication. "He hurt his back and was taken to the hospital. He's doing fine, he's under observation and is in the best possible hands."