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Rihanna's STYLIST CRIES OUT On Social Media . . . He Just Contracted HIV!!!

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FARREN “FUCCI” JEAN ANDREA is 25 years old, and one of the most popular CELEBRITY STYLISTS in the world. He's also been recently infected with HIV.

Fucci, who styled Rihanna, Jhene Aiko, Bella Hadid and more, announced on twitter last night he has HIV.

It's not clear exactly WHAT brought on the confession - but he seemed to be coming to grips with contracting the once FATAL disease.

But an HIV diagnosis is no longer a death sentence. With proper eating, and use of new medications HIV is a disease that can be managed. Many people that are newly infected are expected to live long and healthy lives.


Here are some pics of him:

Fucci said in an interview last year about his start in fashion, "the women in my family were my first fashion icons. My mom and my grandma were serving looks before I even knew what looks were. I mean, my mom was the lady in the grocery store with heels on. I got free haircuts because she was always on point and looked good at all times. My grandma would go all out for Saturday services [the family belongs to a Seventh-day Adventist church] with the hats, dresses and suits. I would steal my mom’s magazines and post editorial photos all over my wall. I think at first my family just thought I was into the girls, but I was really obsessing over the clothes."

He also discussed how he got his started with styling as a career:

I wouldn’t say I had a difficult career start—more like a difficult life. All of this started out of pure boredom while working at my day job. This was a hobby for me and it was fun. I love fashion and never really looked at it from a career, until I noticed that people were really [into] what I was doing. I didn’t think everything would happen this fast. What I’m doing now feels like a dream because I thought it would take at least five years to get where I am today.