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Rihanna is in hot water with the Navy after she posted a promo video for her new lip gloss products, which featured her ex Chris Brown's Indigo single “Come Together” featuring H.E.R.

Brown and Rihanna have been split for more than a decade after Breezy physically assaulted the star, and the images of her injuries went viral. While Rihanna has tried to show the world that she has moved on and forgiven Brown, her fans are outraged that she would co-mingle her business with the "No Guidance" singer.

They hit the comments section to let her know that they do not approve:

"Sis ? Chris Brown in the background??? 🙈" one follower wrote.

Another disgruntled fan wrote, " terrible business move. It is women who have supported your brand from the start and spend their hard earned money to make it the success that it is. You enabling this abuser who not only hurt you but other women as well is incredibly disrespectful of your customer base. You have taken such a strong stance towards racism in the nfl, why can't you take a stance for other women ? Who are ur main customer base and supporters. This hurts because we love you and have supported ur every endovour but we can't stand behind you using an abusers to promote a brand for women!! This is pritcaulary hard for ur customers and fans who have experienced DV. @fentybeauty if this is your ethos then I will take my support elsewhere."

Is it time for the Navy to forgive Chris Brown?