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Rihanna's Hairline Is Pushed Back . . . Maybe WORSE Than Naomi Campbell!! (PICS)


Rihanna's hairline is pushed back - according to new images.

Pop singer Rihanna has to have her hair styled MULTIPLE TIMES a day. Often times the stylists use heat, weaves, or wigs - all of which can be damaging over time.

Now new images suggest that the continued STYLING has led to Rihanna's edges GOING SOUTH. Her hairline appears to be running away from her face and DOWN HER BACK.

Rihanna always had a rather LARGE forehead. But her new hairline makes her domelook even bigger.



Surprisingly Rhianna ran into Love and Hip Hop favorite Tommie Lee yesterday. Tommie was geeked to see the Bad Gal in the flesh. She shared the following video:

VH1 first reported the run in:

Tommie Lee has been living her best life in France while celebrating her 34th birthday. The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star has been eating good, sitting front row at fashion shows, and serving looks all up and down the streets of Paris. Her birthday went from lit to epic when Rihanna– who was also in town for the Louis Vuitton fashion show- calls Tommie’s name out. Yes. Rihanna. Tommie Lee shared the moment with her fans captioning “And then this icon yelled my name @badgalriri” 

Practically speechless, Tommie is heard saying “motha f—a! WAIT! WAIT!” It’s also very clear RiRi was just as hype not-to-mention, Rih was looking TF good. 

If nothing else has made this week, these six seconds definitely will. God bless Tommie Lee and Rihanna man, phew.