Rihanna's Body Is Looking Very . . . PREGNANT-ISH!!!!

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Rumors of Rihanna being pregnant are about to heat up. The beautiful singer/fashion mogul stepped out in NYC last night - for an event for her new fashion line. And just about everyone there noticed some CHANGES to Rihanna's body.

We all know that she's been getting THICK lately. But this is different.

And its not just her body that's changed - her face has too. Rah appeared tp have a very magical GLOW to her That's exactly the same type of glow that pregnant women typically exude.

Rihanna, who turned 30 years old earlier this year, has been dating Arab billionaire Hassan Jameel off-and-on for about a year.

Here are the pics:


Rihanna recently was interviewed and had some great advice for her younger self—and honestly, its worth others following, too.

"Sleep," she told E! News. "Because you're not gonna get to do it in your twenties or your thirties, the way my thirties are starting out."

"It's been hectic but I love it," Rihanna added. "I love to do stuff. I get bored otherwise, so I like to keep myself busy."

Rihanna began her fashion career in 2011, collaborating with Armani. She has since launched collections with other top designers and brands. Three years later, she was made the creative director of Puma, beginning what would become a long partnership with the sportswear brand.

In 2017, Rihanna partnered with LVMH's Kendo Brands to launch her own cosmetic company, Fenty Beauty. It has helped raise her net worth to an estimated $210 million, according to Forbes.