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Rihanna Unveils Bulging Belly: Is She Pregnant Or Is That A 'Quarantine Gut'??

Pop star Rihanna popped in on rapper Lil Nas X' IG Live yesterday. Rihanna looked gorgeous, as usual. But she was sporting a noticeable tummy bulge.

When Lil Nas X leaked the video on Twitter, Rihanna's fans began speculating whether that bump in Rihanna's tummy is a pregnancy or the result of a Covid-quarantine food binge.

Here's the video that has people talking:

Here are some of the responses on Twitter:

"Maybe the fabric of the dress.. maybe a lil pudge.. maybe she is but either way she looks gorgeous here."

"The fabric of the dress is unforgiving and she’s gained a little weight/bloat. So no I don’t think she is. pregnant"

"Quarantine gut"

"there is a pudge but I also acknowledged it could be bloating...a food baby is possible too. She’s still gorgeous."

If Rihanna is pregnant, it would be her first baby. 

But the overwhelming responses on social media, suggest that Rihanna may have over-indulged during the quarantine.