Rihanna Shows Off Her New CURVES . . . Built Like An INSTA-MODEL!!

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Rihanna showed off her amazing "thicker" new body yesterday at her FENTY BEAUTY 1st anniversary event on Sydney Harbour in Australia. For years, Rihanna was built like a high end runway model.

But now that Rih's 30 - her body has gone through a few changes. And most of her fans LIKE the body changes that the new Rih-Rih is exhibiting.

Rihanna has filled out in the past couple of years. She has bigger breasts, wider hips, and a rounder butt. Some are calling her new shape "thick-RiRi". But don't be fooled - her new body shape is far from "thick."

Rihanna is Down Under to celebrate the first anniversary of her successful makeup brand, Fenty Beauty.

As the below pics show, she now has grown woman curved - but Is still on the sly side.

Rihanna turned heads in an all-over snakeskin print dress that featured a figure-hugging silhouette and a strapless bust. 


As reported by the Daily Telegraph Rihanna told attendees at the event: ‘Thank you all for being here, Australia is very very dear to my heart and I couldn’t let you guys get left out on this tour.’

‘Now I’m ready to come party with you guys,’ she gleefully added while at the Sydney event.

Fenty Beauty has been a blockbuster success for Rihanna, reportedly making $100 million in sales within 40 days.