Rihanna Shows Off Her New BLONDE Hairstyle . . . And People DON'T LIKE IT!!!

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Rihanna's got a new do - she's a blonde The Bajan singer showed fans her new look last night on Live. But the reaction to Rih's new hair - was NOT what she expected.

Her fans almost IMMEDIATELY went off in her comments - criticizing Rihanna for making such a drastic change. Some fans were ANGRY that Rihanna decided to give up on her signature Black hairstyle.

But it's not clear that Rihanna plans on holding on to this look for very long. Some fans speculated that this could be a "single" look for a photoshoot and a video. Or that it could be for an acting role. Rihanna starred in TWO films in the past year - Oceans 8 and Valerian.

Whatever her fans think of the look, we can all agree that it's definitely DIFFERENT.


And clearly we know it's a wig. The picture, which was posted to Instagram Stories, showed Rihanna in a pretty gorgeous lacefront — only with the lace entirely intact and clearly visible on her forehead.

Rihanna cheekily captioned the photo, "What frontal?" Because she's #relatable like that.

Given the silly caption, it's possible that everyone's favorite bad girl is simply having some fun with a wig she found hanging around. Either way, the long blonde wig is a lewk that any Rihanna fan can stan.

According to Bustle, "Though Rihanna has been blonde many times before, it appears to have been a long time since she's rocked a light look. Aside from a few blonde highlights here and there, the last time Rihanna was completely blonde was in early 2012. In that year, Rihanna wore blunt bangs and a shaggy hairdo in a similar shade to her recent Insta pic. And, predictably, she slayed the style."