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Every August, the Caribbean Island of Barbados holds its annual Crop Over Kadooment Carnival celebration. And every two years, like clockwork Rihanna attends the celebration wearing a very skimpy and sexy outfit.

Not Anymore.

For Crop Over 2019, where she enjoyed the Kadooment Day parade alongside the prime minister of Barbados, Rihanna sported a hot pink mini dress covered in voluminous bubblegum-colored feathers. She paired this look with bantu knots, embellished pink heels, bedazzled sunglasses, and glamorous green, rhinestone-accented eye makeup. As a final accessory, she toted a mango, a juicy and delicious decision.

Now that Rhanna is dating a Muslim billionaire Hassan Jameel and she's no longer as outwardly sexy as she's been in the past. We have barely seen any sexiness at all in Rihanna over the last two years.

And her Crop Over outfit was equally un-sexy (by Rihanna's standards). Here's the outfit that she wore today:


Rihanna didn't attend last year's festivities -- a 200-year tradition that marks the end of the sugar cane season -- but fans were salivating at the thought of what she might wear when she announced last month she'd be returning this year.

By contrast, here are the outfits that she wore in the past:

Her 2017 outfit:

Her 2015 outfit:

Her 2013 outfit:

Her 2011 outfit: