Over the last few years, pop singer Rihanna has gained a significant amount of weight. She went from model skinny to a thick chick.

Interestingly, most of her weight gain coincided with her dating Saudi billionaire Hassan Jameel. Rumor had it that Hassan liked Rihanna a little thick.

Rihanna and Hassan split earlier this year and since then, Rihanna has reportedly gone on a "starvation" diet - to get her weight down.

And it worked. According to one of Rihanna's team members, the Bajan pop star lost almost 50 pounds in just a few months.

Rihanna's associate told MTO News, "She's on a diet, she eats every other day. She calls it 'fasting', but it sounds like she's just starving herself."

We have to admit, the results of Rihanna's starvation diet are pretty miraculous.

Here's a pic of Rihanna a few months ago, when she was more than 180 pounds:


And here's what she looks like now - she's about 120 pounds: