Pop star Rihanna came out today in New York City - and all but announced that she and rapper A$AP Rocky are a couple.

MTO News has reported for weeks - that Rihanna and A$AP were a couple. The couple have been spotted together all over the world - from London, to Amsterdam, and now New York City.

We're told that Rihanna flew in today to attend A$AP's concert - and support her new bae.

And how did she officially announce their relationship? Well Rihanna came out publicly wearing A$AP's signature pearl necklace.

Here are the pics of Rihanna smiling for the paparazzi this morning. And look closely at her necklace:


This is the same necklace that ASAP Rocky has been wearing recently.

Here's a CLOSE UP pic of ASAP wearing the same pearl necklace

Here's a not so close up pic of the necklace - where its hidden under A$AP's shirt:


Of course news of a new relationship for Rihanna is not going over well with her haters.

Many Rihanna haters have posted the above pics of her online - and called her "ugly." That's an outrageous claim. She is not wearing any makeup - but the queen of pop is definitely FAAAAR from ugly.