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Rihanna is coming under fire - for reaching out to comfort Cyn Santana - after she faced a backlash for making disparaging comments about Black women.

Last week Cyn Santana went viral, after she made some outrageous comments during an interview. Cyn Santana, who stars in Love & Hip Hop NY, I best known for being rapper/podcaster Joe Budden's babys mother.

During the interview, Cyn claimed that, "Black men cater to Spanish girls like me." And she claimed that they did so because "Black women had [bad] attitudes."

Cyn was rightfully dragged on social media for making those anti-black women comments .

But she received comfort yesterday, from Rihanna. That's right - "The" Rihanna.

Her fiancé Joe Budden, spilled the tea on his podcast yesterday, when he thanked Rihanna for reaching out to her with words of comfort to "make her feel better". 

How kind of Rih-Rih to do that. Unfortunately for Rihanna, now SHE'S getting dragged on social media. And it's getting bad. Some are even asking for a BOYCOTT of Rihanna and her beauty products over her support of Cyn . .. 

Here's the receipt from Joe's podcast:

Episode 213 | "Weird Flex But Okay" (Timestamp: 2:19:00)


The internet had a lot of opinions on this are a few of the many, many comments on this situation:

I’m not shocked. Riri and Cyn are friends. I saw her comment under one of Cyn’s pics and was confused af lol. Like why does Rihanna give af about this girl.

I’d love to know exactly what was said. 2019 is the year of not fuc*ing with black women. I know that much.

You either support us or gtfo of the way and make way for those who do.

well if cyn was my friend id have told her... play stupid games, win stupid prizes... but like.. dont kill yourself or anything foolish.

In the words of luminary Tyra Banks... " Learn from this!"

I LOVE Rihanna and have spent many a coin to see her live, buy her makeup and her lingerie. But that does not mean she is above reproach.

I love BW down and I was already aware of Cyn’s ignorant comments back when she originally said it on the podcast. To learn that one of my faves may have reached out to console her for those statements is extremely disappointing.

Cyn Santana is not the one deserving of comfort. The BW she insulted are but as per usual, BW are being ignored and the Cyn Santana’s of the world are being coddled.