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MTO BREAKING NEWS: Protesters VIOLENTLY BLOCK Rihanna From Entering The African Nation Of Senegal . . . Because Of Her . . . 'AFFILIATION WITH THE ILLUMINATI'!!!

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A group of ANGRY PROTESTERS tried to BLOCK Rihanna from entering the African nation of Senegal. Some local politicians and religious leaders attempted to use their clout to BLOCK the pop superstar.

Rih is in Dakar, Senegal, today as an AMBASSADOR FOR PEACE – and raising money for folks in Africa. And you would THINK that folks would be grateful . . . WRONG.

She was confronted by a group of ANGRY PROTESTERS outside. The reason why she’s being BLOCKED . . . because she’s allegedly a member of the “Illuminati.”

Local press is saying that the confrontation was “violent.”

Here’s how the BBC is reporting it:

Pop star Rihanna is due to appear at a high-level summit in Senegal tomorrow, but a religious association has declared her persona non grata, reports Jeune Afrique.

For years, conspiracy videos of Riri's alleged Illuminati affiliation have been uploaded to YouTube. Many believed that her "Umbrella" video was her initiation into the secret society. Others think the Illuminati to be nothing more than folklore.

“No to Freemasonry and Homosexuality,” an association of around 30 religious groups in Senegal, accuse the singer of using masonic symbolism and being a member of the so-called Illuminati, a conspiracy myth which suggests that a shadowy group of global elites is working to establish a New World Order.

Such claims about Rihanna’s beliefs have been roundly dismissed as outlandish by her musical collaborators in the past. And she isn't the only one to rouse speculation from the conspiracy theorists - virtually every SUPER star is assumed to be getting down with the Illuminati program!