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PICS: Rihanna Appears to Be LOSING WEIGHT . . . She’s Now NOT AS BIG . . . As She Was At The GRAMMYS!!!

Rihanna_Nig_Gal1 has earned that the HOMIE Rihanna is on a MASSIVE diet – to get back to her MODELESQUE physique in time of the Met Gala in two months.
Here’s what Rih’s people told us, “Rihanna will look like a Vogue runway model at the Met [gala].”

We know that RiRi is the queen of the Met Gala. Her wildly creative ‘straight off the runway’ ensembles are really the only thing that most of us are checking for on that night. And she will not only be in attendance, but she will also be hosting the prestigious event alongside Donatella Versace and Amal Clooney so there will be extra scrutiny placed on her.

The Gala theme will be “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination,” so Rihanna will be getting her heavenly body together for the event. Rihanna has attended 7 Met Gala’s in total and has performed twice but this year will be her first time performing.

The Fenty boss is perfectly aware of her fluctuating bodyweight but has fully embraced her curves – and not one of us complained.

But we need Rihanna to be snatched that night! Our girl has got to steal the show! And she knows it too.

So far we already see a difference. Look at how much SLIMMER she looked at the airport yesterday.