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Rick Ross headed to The Breakfast Club to promote his new album, but the rapper had a few words to say about Nicki Minaj who told him to "sit his fat ass down." 

Surprisingly, Ross wasn't bitter in his response to Nicki:

"I mean, if somebody went to meet Obama with you, she is a keeper until you find out otherwise. She was around me a few times but other than that, she was a huge talent but she was playing a very important position at the time. She was in between Meek and Drake at the time. And what she don't know, and what she might not understand coming from a big homie like myself, playing that position, that was a very fragile role," he said.

He continued:

"And it would be very easy to put that responsibility on her. But that ain't what I tried to make it to," he added. "But most definitely when I seen it go sour, it would be easy to assume she may have had something to do with that and if somebody tells you they didn't, they're lying. But everybody moved forward. She moved forward, she doing her thing. I'm happy to see her do that."

Now Nicki is gunning for Charlamagne Tha God and wants an invite to the show.