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Rick Ross EX-FIANCE Lira Galore . . . Is Engaged . . . To RICH WHITE MAN!!!


Social media celebrity Lira Galore is the latest beauty to enter into an interracial marriage. MTO News confirmed that Lira Galore just accepted her boyfriend's proposal. And according to online reports, her new man is described as a "White Hollywood executive."

Lira first burst onto the scene when she got engaged to rapper Rick Ross 4 years ago. At the time, the couple was seen as one of the hottest coupes in music. But her new husband, according to reports, is a lot more private

Lira's rumored fiance is said to be a "big time" Hollywood power broker. CONGRATS!!


Back in March a popular Miami doctor was dry snitching on Lira on instagram! Lira, who claims her bawwwdy is natural, with the exception of artificial chest-puppies, may be telling lies. The professional, Dr. Altman posted this “throwback” of Lira visiting him after surgery and he hashtagged all of her surgical procedures.

Here's a before and after: