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Rick Ross Blasts Tory Lanez Over 'Poor Decisions'

Rick Ross and Tory Lanez went back and forth on social media after he dropped his Daystar album -- and Rozay had a few words for Lanez after he blasted him for not marching in Miami and for tagging his own liquor in his videos.

"First off, little boy, I appreciate how you responded swiftly to Rozay," Ross said on his Instagram. "That's how you should have did the sista who accused you of shooting her. That's what you owe her family, that's what you owe all the Black women in America. Just that accusation alone, she was in your presence, but that's between y'all."

He continued, "More importantly, let's get to you protesting. You ain't protest in Miami. Only reason you was out there is 'cause your condo that you stay in $1,500 a month, the damn protest was coming right down there. So, you went down there and took a photo-op. That's cool. Let's not insinuate that. Go out your way for the sistas. Poor decisions is putting together an album and trying to profit off some sh*t people like myself was wishing to hear you address this sh*t and move on. Not get a wack song or wack album that ain't gon' get you no money, nor no new supporters. So, little boy, boss up."

Is Ross right?