Rick Ross Babys Mother Is OPENING A CLOTHING LINE . . . With The Money . . . She GOT FROM 50 CENT!!!

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Rick Ross baby’s mother Lastonia Leviston unveiled a new CLOTHING LINE that she’s launching – all with the help of the $5 MILLION she got from 50 Cent.
The clothing line is aimed at teens and Millenials – and Rozay’s daughter is going to be the face of the brand.

If you remember, 50 Cent had to pay Lastonia the big bucks after he bought a sex tape from her ex-boyfriend, added humiliating and degrading commentary to it and published the doctored video of her online – driving her to the brink of suicide.

“At some point [Jackson] starts describing her private parts in intimate detail in a way that none of us would want to happen. He makes reference to her stretch marks from her birth,” Leviston’s lawyer Philip Freidin told the jury. Apparently, his narration of the tape was so vulgar it made people in the court cringe.

We all know that 50 Cent is one of the hardest working trolls on social media, but this prank was far beyond the line.

50 was ordered to pay up $7 million. And to be honest, he deserved it. Lastonia is somebody’s child as well as somebody’s mother.

Rozay’s loyal baby mama is busy putting her funds to good use and working on leaving a legacy behind for her daughter. And we think her daughter looks great in her new gear!

Looks cute:

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