Rick Ross BABYS Mama Is On Instagram STUNTING WITH THE MONEY . . . That She Got From 50 Cent!!! (She Got Her Kids . . MINK COATS And $100K Cars)


Rapper 50 Cent was found liable in a sextape lawsuit against Rick Ross baby's mother Lastonia Leviston. He eventually negotiated to pay her only a portion of the jury's judgment - but it was still a lot of money.

If 50 still had those millions of dollars, he'd probably be investing in companies - and employing dozens of people. What is Lastonia doing with the $$? We don't know, but her INSTAGRAM suggests that she's BLOWING IT on silly ish.

Here is some of the stuff she posted:

She bought her daughter a diamond watch and a mink:

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The teen also got a $150K jeep:

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Here is Lastonia:

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