Rap star Rick Ross’ 17-year-old daughter, Toie Roberts, is trending on social media, with many blogs saying that the teen girl is pregnant with her first child. Yesterday Toie addressed those pregnancy rumors - but REFUSED to answer the question as to whether she was pregnant or not.

The rumors of Toie's pregnancy started this weekend, when her mother Lastonia Leviston shared an image that many claim - appeared to show the teen girl with a baby bump.

Toie was seen in the image, holding her stomach. Look:

Immediately after Lastonia shared the above pic, Rick Ross stopped following his daughter on social media. 

That move by the rapper has caused many on social media to believe that he is upset with her choice of becoming a teen mom.

With all the rumors swirling online Toie finally spoke out on the rumors but refused to confirm whether or not she's pregnant. 

But the teen girl did say that she's still a "Princess" in both her mother and her father's eyes.

According to the Daily Dot, "her mother, Lastonia Leviston, is the one who reportedly sparked the rumors, after posting a congratulations note to the teenager on Instagram Stories.

“Oh wait one more thing,” she allegedly wrote. “Congrats are in order to my prego’s baby,” before she reportedly shared a photo of Roberts with a baby bump.

It is then said that Ross was so upset and “embarrassed” over his daughter’s pregnancy that he unfollowed her on social media and deleted all photos of her on his Instagram page.

The internet caught wind of this rumor, and of course, went wild.



Here's Rick Ross buying Toie a new Bentley Truck for her Sweet 16 last year: