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Rich The Kid Slams His Artist Jay Critch For Signing A Deal Behind His Back

Rich The Kid has called his artist Jay Critch for allegedly inking a deal behind his back.

"Your own n*ggas will try to snake you for 100k if you needed it you could just ask me !!!" Rich wrote in a series of Instagram Story slides. "DAMN No amount of money could turn me snake.. NOT 500k or 5 million. Tell these ppl The truth how I get YOU A DEAL AND YOU TRY TO CROSS ME OUT."

He continued: 

"Wasn't even gonna speak on this because the internet is not the place for this but I see people trying to deformate my character. I signed Jay when I had a two bed room apartment I flew him out when I had 5k to my name and signed him (OFF the strength of Gramz who you didn't do right w either) I gave a platform and made him who he is today.. now this week I got him a new deal to get out of his bullsh*t (which your lawyer ain't take no part in) then he he tried to snake me go behind my back for a little bag. You say you want out of a contract that you signed and I haven't made 0 dollars off of you stop making it seem like you can jus say oh I'm not in a contract no more .. I put you on tour with future your first year of being signed .. I put you on with two features DID IT AGAIN & FASHION.. I put YOU ON & you have NO loyalty."


Jay Critch responded, and it wasn't to offer up an apology:

"Cross U out? N*gga tryna control my deal wit his lawyer I'm a grown ass man I can run my own deals silly. U DICK riding tryna block sh*t holding on to that paperwork. And u not like that chill .."