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Rapper Rich The Kid and his girlfriend Tori Brixx are having a baby, MTO News has confirmed

Rapper Rich The Kid and his gorgeous Instagram model girlfriend will be celebrating extra hard this Holiday season, they're expecting.

The couple confirmed that they are expecting their first child last night, and they made the announcement on social media. 

First Tori posted a very revealing photo of herself sitting on a coach barely covering up herself, entitled: “Fresh as hell take a pic I might as well lol.” 

Her boyfriend Rich left a comment on the pic saying, “Don’t hide that baby bump.” And he added a baby emoji to top it off. 

Then, a few minutes later, they posted this pic:


Here are some pics of the lovely Tori Brixx:

Earlier this year according to TMZ, Rich The Kid was severely beaten beaten and robbed of significant cash and jewelry. It is said that three men waving pistols ran in Tori Brixx Los Angeles home back in June of this year. 

The LAPD didn't have any suspects but they were investigating the home invasion. Tori was also reportedly taken to the hospital but was released.