Rapper Rich Homie Quan and Young Thug may be in the middle of a long-running feud, but Rich Homie Quan says he's open to having a conversation with his former friend to see if they cant hash things out.

Quan visited DJ Scream's Big Facts podcast, where he opened up about the situation with Thugger.

"Pull up on me and let's just chop it up," he said. "Before we even get to songs or anything, I wanna just see where bro's mind is mentally, because to this day we still ain't just have no conversation. It was more like people around us talking as opposed to me and bro just sittin' down and having that conversation."

He continued: "This ain't no studio, this ain't no nothing. This is just to see where we at."

It's clear that there is much to be worked out between the pair. Quan says their egos were partly to blame for the fallout.