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'RHOP's Monique Samuels Opens Up About Infidelity Rumors

Real Housewives of Potomac star Monique Samuels has opened up about the rumors of infidelity swirling on the current series of the show.

She says she tried to avoid addressing it at all on the show but that her hand was forced.

“The rumor that this ex friend was starting about me, she said that I was having an affair with the trainer, and that my pregnancy was not by Chris. As nasty as that sounds, this is why I played it cool. Because I did not want to have to talk about this on the show. I did not want to have to confront people because my desire is to protect my child. But now, the whole cat is out of the bag,” said Monique on The Daily Dish podcast.

“She even said in her Live that she told Gizelle, and Robyn, and whoever else was at the table with them at dinner discussing this, she said that’s not gonna fly because Chase looks just like Chris.” 

Monique adds: 

“That’s why now you see Gizelle had her own take and just left it as, ‘Oh, Monique’s been seen around town with the trainer. I’ve not been seen around town with the trainer. So she took the same situation, but she just put a spin on it that she wanted to spin,” said Monique. “And I’ll further say, when Gizelle was on Watch What Happens Live, she made a comment. I remember getting tweets from people saying, what does she mean by that? She said, when Andy asked her, ‘What do you think about Monique saying that you and Jamal are not really back together?’ And she said, ‘Well, we are. He’s my actual ex husband, and he’s the father of my kids.’ When I saw her say that on the show, I knew what she was talking about. the rest of the world didn’t know. So she was taking a shot. Because that is actually what she wanted to bring to light on the show. Another lie.”