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'RHOP's Karen Huger Reveals Why She Told Candiace Dillard To Press Charges Against Monique Samuels

The grand dame Karen Huger shocked some last week when it was revealed on Sunday night's episode that she was the one who encouraged Candiace Dillard to press charges against Monique Samuels after their epic fight.

"I said to Candiace if it were me and I felt as strongly as Candiace has been speaking to me, I would look into what can I do legally," Karen said.

Karen says she tried her best to be neutral.

"I wasn't going to choose one friend over the other, that was clear out of the gate for me that whatever you all needed I was going to provide for either one or both of them."

She added, "I'm not Candiace but if I were Candiace which I am not, if I were in a fight y'all would know I would be innocent and so 9-1-1 right there okay, I would not have moved, my wig would have been on the floor stayed on the floor with my body… and the cops and the ambulance would remove me. I'd be in shock."

Candiace did press charges against Monique.