'RHOP's Candiace Dillard: Kim Kardashian Doesn't Care About Kanye West!!

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Real Housewives of Potomac star Candiace Dillard has claimed that Kim Kardashian does not care about her husband, Kanye West, following his latest breakdown.

 "I've been boiling about this. It is an emergency. Mental health is no laughing matter." she said in a video shared to her Instagram account.

"And at a time when we are calling ourselves re-evaluating the value of Black lives, one, in particular, seems to hang in the balance while those who have the power to intercede sit by and collect chèques and do nothing. If I'm wrong, I'll say I'm wrong. But I don't think I am. Excuse my profanity."

She continued, "The Kardashians don't give a f*ck about Kanye West. They could give zero f*cks about Kanye West, the man, the person, the Black man, the Black person. They could give zero. And if that was never clear to you before, let this circus be the exact example you need to see that." 

She added, “Because if my husband was out in the public eye having a manic episode .. having mental breakdowns .. and making a complete mockery of our political system. I would be gearing to enroll him in a conservatorship.”

Y'all agree?