'RHOP's Ashley Darby Requests Post-Nuptial Agreement Amid Cheating Claims

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Real Housewives of Potomac star Ashley Darby has asked husband, Michael Darby, for a postnuptial agreement -- amid brand new cheating allegations.

Michael was caught in a hotel room with a stripper. He confessed to Ashley that he did go to the room, but claims that he was too drunk to consummate the night and fell asleep.

"My idea that I did have and that I wanted to see how you felt about was doing a postnuptial agreement. Something that would be protecting Dean and me in the event that this happens again," Ashley told Michael.

Ashley told Michael she wanted the postnuptial agreement to "speed up the process in the event of a divorce" if he messed up again.

"We can look at that," says Michael.

She later told producers:

"Michael and I had a pre-nuptial agreement that expired after five years of marriage. Now, in the event of a divorce, I will receive fifty percent of our assets. And now, I think it would be good for us to have a postnuptial agreement because post-nup would outline things that are guaranteed to get, no arguing, no disputing, and essentially would speed up the process in the event of a divorce."