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Real Housewives of Potomac star Ashley Darby has been battling to save her husband Michael after he was accused of assaulting a cameraman - but some viewers could not get over her wig.

Ashley usually sports her natural hair, and on the show, the young reality star rarely if ever has a bad hair day - but for some reason, Ashley decided to wear a wig - and it makes some of Karen Huger's awful wigs look incredible by comparison.

Perhaps it was the stress? Michael has been accused of grabbing a producer's butt - a claim that he denied. But thanks to Bravo's shady editing, we were able to see the precise moment Michael allegedly touched the butt. The cameraman then warns him - "don't do that," and Michael very quickly apologizes.

It also appeared to show that Ashley may have witnessed the incident and she did not seem very happy with Michael - but back to the wig! See the wig and the hilarious responses below.