Real Housewives of Potomac star Ashley Darby has revealed that her husband, Michael Darby, will address the recent groping allegations at the show's reunion.

"So, the way that everything else did play out in the legal system and beyond that is very different in contrary to what is being said on the show," Ashley told HollywoodLife. 

"And I wish I could talk about it with you – it's Michael's thing to talk about – but certainly it's not what was said in the court case and the charges that were brought against Michael and nothing about what's actually being shown on the show. That's very different so Michael will be addressing that at the reunion."

Charges were filed against Michael by a Bravo cameraman who accused him of grabbing his butt - a claim which Michael denies.

The charges against him were eventually dropped.

"Where things get more murky for me is the way that the production is choosing to put this show together in order to make a show," Ashley said. 

"They're misrepresenting what was said and what was done and that is really challenging because, I'm very truthful on the show and things are usually portrayed in the way that they do happen for Michael but, with this incident there are liberties that are being taken with footage and the way that they're editing some things."