Katie Rost's mother has slammed Bravo and production company, Truly Original for "abusing" her daughter behind the scenes.

Katie returned to the show the season, much to the delight of Potomac fans, but Katie's mom says that her daughter suffered off camera.

 "It's too bad the Truly Original folks don't tell the truth. Here's the truth, Katie and her lawyer spoke to Bravo about wanting to focus on what was going on in her life and the suit and she was willing to pay the price of imprisonment and instead they decided to go in another direction and shot alternative views of Katie wanting, it seems, to stay away from the Me Too aspects of her story," she wrote on Instagram.

Katie's mom added that Bravo paid her far less than her co-stars:

 "They paid her less than $20,000 for her work and abused a bright talent seeking to make sure eyes were on her kids. To fail to tell that story is a failure to support women whose lives are being wrecked every day by a father's right movement wanting to denigrate mothers. Shame on Bravo. Shame on Truly Original! Karma is coming."