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Gizelle Bryant has addressed an incident a few weeks back in which New York housewife Ramona Singer, asked Gizelle to step out of a picture because she did not know who she was.

"What you saw on the video was actually like a snippet of really everything that happened. So you know, it was a nice little Hamptons event. When she got there, they asked me to come take a picture with her, of course," Gizelle told HollywoodLife. "So as I'm walking she just sees me and just starts running away from me, which is weird."

She revealed that after the awkward incident, Ramona apologized after her friends let her know exactly who she had snubbed.

"I wasn't offended by [moving out of the photo] because I just take a lot of pictures all the time. So that wasn't a big deal," she confirmed. "What was the big deal was that she wasn't nice about it and my daughter was there. And it really, really bothered my daughter and, later she realized she was wrong because all of the photographers were like, 'Who do you think you're dealing with like, do you know that that's Gizelle? What are you doing?' So, she did apologize to me."

So, they're good now. But it was not a good look for Ramona.